Member Social Activities

Organized Outings


We hold organized outings for our members like the one pictured here: a tour of the Haymarket Fire & Rescue Station!

Age-Based Playgroups


Our members are teamed up with other moms who have children in the same age group for in-home play dates

Mom Breaks


Us moms of multiples need a break every now and again! We enjoy getting pedicures, going to wineries and having kid-free coffee dates!

Seasonal Parties


We host seasonal parties for the whole club! In the summer we enjoy our annual Multiples Picnic and in the winter a Holiday-themed party.

Mom's Night Out


This is a monthly event open to current and prospective members. We meet at Uno's in Manassas and have a wonderful evening of laughter and support!

All Ages Play Dates


Our members get together regularly for all ages play dates at various venues.

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Prince William Mothers of Multiples Club