Board of Directors


Our Board is comprised of members who volunteer their time and talent to help make this non-profit  support and social club effective and successful. Board seats are held for two year


The Board meets on the 4th Thursday of each month  to discuss and manage the club's membership,  activities, events, philanthropy, fundraising, and member support.

If you are a member interested in joining our Board, please message one of the Board Members. If your interest is in an area that is already seated apprenticeships are welcomed.



Lauren Sterling

-Communications Chair-


-Marketing Chair - 

Tasha Nelson

-Membership Chair -

Kate Danziger

-Social Chair 1-

Rhea Martinez

-Social Chair 2-

 Melissa Golon

-Philanthropy Chair- 

Christy Magyar


Stephanie Mango

-Consignment Sale Chair-


Tasha Nelson sitting as Emeritus

Parent Organizations

Multiples of America

Mid-Atlantic Parents of Multiples

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Prince William Mothers of Multiples Club